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Press Release 01-08-2019


Karam Media has been named an exclusive UK agency for Deutsche Welle News


Karam Media has announced a partnership with the German-based broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW News), to represent them in the UK and Middle East markets exclusively. Expanding their horizons the exclusive opportunity will give Karam Media's clients access to DW’s 70 million digital users and their global TV Channels in 5 languages.


Karam Media’s CEO Muhammed Tahir cited the unique quality of DW’s global platform and negotiated a special opportunity with a subsided promotion for ‘new business’ from its clients. We look forward to exploring this opportunity and providing exceptional service to new and existing clients.


Timo Brawn and Sabrina Winand Head of Ad Sales facilitated the negotiation of the deal and following the due diligence by both parties the agreement was signed at the end of last month. 


Karam Media is a UK based Media and Production agency that has been serving the British and Middle Eastern communities for a decade. Innovating new products and services are at the core of our company ethos and maintaining a global reach through premium publishers allows Karam Media to offer the High returns to its clients and partners. 


Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. Who conveys a comprehensive image of Germany, in 5 global TV and digital platforms.DW serves a global community in 5 languages including German, Spanish, English, Arabic and French.


Using this opportunity as a platform Karam Media has also launched a new programmatic platform that exclusively targets the specific demographics in premium sites. 





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