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TV Advertising Karam Media


40 Spots per month
Whatsapp Compatible 
Email Marketing
2 TV channels
DM Global -  Channel DAWN
£500.00 Per Month



A contemporary, hard working advertising agency that strives to understand the needs, wants and goals of our clients in order to deliver innovative and personalised results. As a collaborative agency we offer creative strategies and inspired ideas to create powerful and desirable results that identify with the vision of our clients.

Data Analyst team 


Which has been operating for the last 3 years. The first to have one in the ethnic market.

Our data analytics tells us how which channel has the peak timing at that particular time. The type of audience, and is it male or female dominated.

Our prices are the best in the market

We guarantee to beat any written quote!

Timing & Placement 


Put your brand on TV with clever NLP placement opportunities. It is how all the big businesses become house hold names. Placing their brands alongside trusted TV shows allows the audience to absorb your name like osmosis. To recall it as a familiar trusted brand when they are next triggered. Just try it your self, with this word association and see what words enter your mind. HSBC……… Red………. Beans……….Bread……

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