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Managing Email Communication

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Managed Email Marketing



Sending an email campaign is one of the best forms of communicating with your existing client base or to a new one. Defining this form of contact is essential to creating the right strategy for your audience. The key to all the strategies is to nurture your clients and helping them grow into your services. Today, more than 60% of emails are read on smartphones or tablets. It's essential to send email campaigns designed to appear beautifully on mobile devices.



That's why all of our accounts are equipped with our Responsive Email Designer. Use it to create emails that automatically adjust to all screen sizes -- without any technical experience! But it’s a lot easier if you let us do all the work for you. We have done it many times before and know all the best tips tricks to create emails that work.



It's quick and easy to create a message: send us your elements to include, elements include (text box, image, logo, social media link). then we will design it and drop you a draft. Edit whatever you like in your message. Click on a design element to check its contents and test the links work the way you want them to.



In a hurry? Karam Media also provides you with a super fast service with simple templates that you can use as a starting point.


We help Segment your audience, Why is that important?

If you want to increase the success of your campiagns you have to be able to segment your audience into caetgories and then target them accordingly. You can run a similar campiagn but have a modifed headline

We Help increase the quality of your click through's & traffic to your site, how?

Using specilaist techniques we build the credibility of your mailshot campaigns to avoid spam filters, Its a simple idea, higher delivery rates equates to less blocks by spam filters.


We Startegise your campign, we know that one email is not enough, but we also know that 10 emails of the same type are counterproductive, 

Thus using your data we plan a series of mail shots that will engage, insight and inform yoru customers, thus building trust & brand visibility.

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