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Plan & Manage your digital in one place

Advertising campaigns


Quickly manage and optimize multiple advertisers and programmatic ad campaigns, no matter your campaign goals. With customer onboarding and easy-to-use, feature-rich digital DSP and SSP advertising software, you can plan and execute campaigns with efficiency and ease.


Leverage new targeting strategies. Keep one step ahead of emerging trends. Optimize faster with real-time reporting.


Targeting Tactics
Data targeting at scale

Launch highly-targeted campaigns with custom audiences created from first or third-party data. You can also target specific locations or based on web content and page categories. We offer tools to seamlessly combine first and third-party data to create custom audiences comprised of your most valuable users.


  • Geoframing & Geofencing

  • Time and Location targeting 

  • Language Browser Targeting

  • Brand Safety & Viewability

  • Email Advertising


Custom Data Solutions


Private Marketplace

Lookalike Modeling

CRM Targeting 

Dynamic Passback Tracking


 99.9% Muslim only targeting solutions - Book Your Ramadhan campaigns 




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Plan & manage your digital in one place

Some of our campaigns 

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