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  • Muhammad Tahir

Have Facebook Solved the Mobile Advertising

Facebook, has just been updated. Mobile advertising has been a slow starter due to issues with cookies and tracking, but Facebook believe they have cracked it. Facebook users provide a lot of information, whether browsing on a desktop, using the mobile app or just from their general Facebook activity. Their system will now be able to collate this information and serve up advertising that is highly targeted.

What is 'the mobile problem'?

Well, the time we spend on mobile is increasing enormously year on year. But for time spent, advertisers spend a lower proportion when compared to almost any other platform.

Various sources claim, the gap between time spent vs. ad spend on mobile is estimated at 1.9bnGBP in the UK alone and many more times that globally. And like anythign online it is growing and rapidly.

And that is why facebook is, possibly, better than Google. Facebook simply knows more about us than Google and can make more informed decisions about when to serve us ads - especially ones intended more for brand-building than ecommerce. Which should, in turn, lead us to spending more on ads through them. That doesn't mean Google is poor, it just means facebook has better, more tangile user metrics.

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