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  • Muhammad Tahir

Useful Tips for Branding

Choosing your colour scheme is an important decision. Back in the day when companies rarely delved into any design work, apart from business cards and letterheads. These days however websites are a necessity and in order to maintain the same professionalism online as you do in your offices thne branding is importnat to your developement.

If you already have a company logo and identity package then your business has a colour scheme. Most businesses use the same colour scheme for marketing both on and offline. Using the same colour scheme as your website will help strengthen your brand and make it easier for clients to recognize your website. If you prefer to go with another colour scheme then our designers will create a selection of colour combinations taking into consideration the meaning of colours and the message and mood you are trying to convey.

Here is a list of the some colour meanings:

  • Orange: Enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success

  • Blue: Confidence, wisdom, calm, peaceful, strong, loyalty, authoritative, cold

  • Pink: Romance, love, friendship, feminine, fun, passiveness.

  • Green: Harmony, freshness, natural, relaxing, peaceful, growth, greedy

  • Brown: Earthy, warm, stability, dirty

  • Yellow: Joy, happiness, friendly, excited, bright, intense

  • Red: Passionate, exciting, dangerous, aggressive, temper mental

  • White: Innocence, clean, pure, boring, cold, empty

  • Black: Power, stability, death, strength, evil, serious, depressing

Having a good website colour scheme is an important element of making your website effective and will add to the visual appeal of your website design. We will either create one for you or you can play around with the colour generator tools and provide one to us.

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