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  • Chris Potter

Facebook adds Emoji to likes

As previously reported, Facebook has finally launched Reactions globally. If you aren't seeing them yet, you will very soon. Reactions are basically emoji that supplement the like button. Users can now not only "like" a post. But add Emoji's to express what you are feeling. Another way of creating insights into consumer behaviour.

Since Facebook launched it's advertising platform it has been keenly developing ways to give more insights into user behaviour. Is this flirting with the notion of consumer data restrictions? you could fall victim to companies targeting you when you are sad to buy into your emotions, or will Facebook not release the data?

The company has been testing Reactions with a few markets since last year, and says the feedback has so far been positive. Many businesses are no doubt wondering what this means for the content they post on their Pages and how it will impact reach in the News Feed. Facebook doesn't really know how it will impact reach in the long run, but it stands to reason that the more of any of these emotions expressed, the more likely it will reach more people - at least for now. Engagement is engagement, and for now, Facebook will essentially treat any emotion expressed as a like. But that will probably change as time goes on.

I would suspect at some point you will see them in your analytics platform but for now Facebooks headquaters are tight lipped about how this will develop.

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