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Sponsorship On Demand

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

On demand is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for viewers to watch their favourite content. It offers unlimited access to the latest television series, movies and documentaries, available via online streaming services across Smart TV sets, mobile devices, tablets and desktop.

Key points of Advertising

  • Many TV programmes are themselves powerful brands. Their prestige, popularity and perceived values can rub off on those brands that associate with them through successful sponsorship.

  • Advertisers can now sponsor not only programmes, but strands of programming, day-parts, genres and even whole channels.

  • TV Sponsorship can deliver a consistency of audience, time of day and environment that is expensive to replicate through the traditional media buy.

  • Sponsorship can be a great way for brands to first get on telly.

  • Sponsorship can be used to fulfil a wide variety of roles for brands, from repositioning, de-seasonalising, creating fame quickly and taking the high ground in a competitive market to launch and response.

Finally, if your typical spot adverts are to still have a place in the future of advertising, it will need to become much less intrusive and far more targeted. In other words programmatic advertising.

That’s where personalised viewing will come into play.

Just as mobile phones gave everyone their own personal phone number, and the data that went with it, OTT viewing will allow everyone to have their own personal TV account.

The data collected there will allow for very targeted advertising that the networks can then charge more for. This is already becoming a reality through Sky’s AdSmart and 4oD’s targeted advertising Karam MEDIA SPOT TV.

The result will be fewer but more relevant commercials, a combination that may actually convince viewers to stick around for the commercial breaks.


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