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Email Marketing - Tips and Tricks

Email Marketing techniques

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to target and communicate with your audience. It still delivers high ROI and over the years the evolution of email marketing is staggering. 15 years ago who would have thought that organisations are using metrics, A/B testing, email hot spotting, Landing page optimisation and so much more to deliver that email to you.

Data development and configuration and is also a crucial part of email marketing. data segmentation, forensic analysis and user profiling are becoming the next big thing with your data management and if you can start this early then you can create good practise habits that will help you get ahead of your competition.

Email aesthetics are essential to delivering meaningful and appropriate emails. Making an impact yet consistent email campaign regionally and nationally. We also focus on the demographics and moderate emails accordingly. In essence the more appropriate an email is the better the chance that they read it. However, ensure that your email designs are acceptable culturally across the email segments.

  • Appropriate imagery matters as some images may instigate negative response in some parts of the globe.

  • The body language of human (if any) in that email should be in sync with the geography.

  • The expression, fonts, colours and symbols of the email should be appropriate.

  • The look and feel of the email should not only be localized, but also synced with your brand guidelines.

  • However, if your email contains the images from a sunny beach, and it is targeted for audience from a landlocked country, then it may not do the justice with your subscribers’ imagination. Thus make sure that the context in your email is targeted for your subscribers’.

Using a call to action gives the reader some direction. If there is no CTA then there is no point of sending emails. But when going international, it is crucial to use language where the tone manner and dialect are not lost in translation. remember all even small communities have there own dialects and mannerisms that may seem alien to other countries. Make sure to cross-check hyperbolic terms as some countries regulate laws for using such terms in email marketing.

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