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Online ad view-ability 'at highest level in 18 months'

Online Marketing is still evolving, it's not perfect by a long shot. Ad view-ability is the next facet under development. And this is as significant as any other. In the UK online spending has increased to its highest level in the past 18 months. And it continues to rise with the rise of smartphones.

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However, the UK is still lagging behind other major European countries with 54 per cent of ads deemed to be viewable, compared to 60 per cent in Germany and 66 per cent in France for the first quarter of 2016. It is the highest level in view-ability for the UK since 2014, when it was 55 per cent, according to the report by Metrics. Online is advertising is based on clarity, so rich information can be delivered within a second, for example the Brand and for those call to action adverts it is about presenting that offer in a second and then send the rest of the information. This is

Non-view-ability online is essentially down the speed of the adverts, they are not loading quickly enough or are appearing "below the fold" on websites. A crucial point to consider when creating an advert. You might make a stunning visual, but if it fails to load in the time it takes for the page to load then it is essentially wasted. Also the placement of the advert is crucial. Take Google Adwords as an example, the reason why no images are allowed is because they will slow the page down. YouTube as an example, rich in visual content, again the platform is designed to ensure that speed is of the essence.

As ‘ad verification’ gains momentum, it gains prominence in marketing departments; consequently, more campaigns are being optimised against view-ability figures. Furthermore, the issue of low-viewable inventory in programmatic – which now accounts for 60 per cent of display ad sales – is being addressed. Something publishers will need to look at as well.

A/B testing and UX designers are incorporating these methods in their applications so naturally, this will improve the efficiency of online advertising. However, there’s still a long way to go – the IAB’s new ad-spend figures suggest that 46 per cent of banner ads not viewable means over £600 million wasted annually.

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