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OFCOM Investigates Alfred from Batman

Chris Evans' the host of BBC Radio 2 breakfast show

Ofcom the broadcasting watchdog

is to be investigated by the broadcasting watchdog over an interview with Jeremy Irons in which the actor swore.

Ofcom said the programme "included the most offensive language before the watershed" and would be investigated to see if it had breached its code. A normal investigation can take several months and allows the BBC to defend it's actions. But so far no timeline has been provided.

The incident took place on 18 March as Irons recounted an anecdote involving fellow actor Sir John Hurt.

Evans immediately apologised, while Irons said he was "terribly sorry".

The actor has been part of many motion pictures aimed at young audiences like his role in 'The Lion King' in released 1994, as Simba's uncle Scar and more recently 'Batman v Superman' starring as Alfred.

The veteran star attributed his slip to the fact that it was "so relaxed and so normal" in Evans' BBC studio.

"A little too relaxed maybe," said Evans, who went on to ask fellow guest Paloma Faith not to "make light" of the incident. Ofcom confirmed the programme would be investigated in the latest issue of its broadcast and on demand bulletin.

"The guests were all briefed ahead of the programme to remind them they were taking part in a live broadcast," said a BBC spokeswoman. But On air shortly "After Jeremy accidentally swore, both he and Chris immediately apologised to listeners."

The BBC has been investigated more than once in recent times and is building a reputation for consistent violations of broadcasting rules and guidelines. Chris Evans is due to host the new BBC Top Gear show, taking over from the disgraced Jeremy Clarkson.

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