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Video Marketing - Fact Sheet

Video Marketing increases the conversion rates by as much as 50% & enhances SEO
What Can Professional Video Marketing Do For Your Business?

What Can Professional Video Marketing Do For Your Business?

We’ve spent a bit of time talking about why you should invest in video marketing and some of the myths involved with professional video production.  You’ve also likely seen hundreds of articles that talk about how video will help your website, but have any of them really spelled out how?  Here are simple ways video marketing can help not just improve your website’s reach, stickiness, SEO and appeal, as well as your overall business. Adding video to your site doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.


Video marketing boosts SEO.  Blog posts that include video will attract three times as many links to it than a plain text post.  Video in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text results.   When you post the video to YouTube or other video sharing site, it’s another place for Google to connect your message, your content and your brand to your website.


  • Video engages audiences.  People love videos. Even with our on-demand, technology-shortened attention spans, millions of people still consume hundreds of hours of video every day online.  A clever, interesting, and instructive video will help people connect with you and your company’s message.  Viewers retain 95% of the information they view in a video while they typically only retain 10% of what they read in plain text.

  • Video is descriptive.  The saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words, so what about video?  A compelling 1-minute video can explain your company, product and your message better than a full page of text.

  • Video is sharable.  Great videos get shared. Even if you’re video is a simple “how to” tutorial for your product or an explanation of who your company is and what it believes in, people will share it with their friends and colleagues.


Video marketing sells.  When your videos are compelling and descriptive, they make your site “sticky”.  Visitors will remain on your site longer, engage with more of your content and become more likely to reach out and connect with your business.  In fact, if you use a simple message at the end of the video with a good call to action, you can turn that stickiness and engagement into a lead for your business or whatever you need people to do on your website.  Using video on landing pages can increase your conversion by 86%.  As an example of video marketing’s effectiveness, experienced a 44% increase in overall sales by using videos to showcase their products.


Video adds credibility.  If you have a service business, video is a great way to increase your credibility. Creating “how to” videos designed to educate the viewer can demonstrate your expertise in your service field, thus lending you credibility and giving the consumer a sense of confidence in your business. You’re advertising your company while also establishing yourself as  an expert in your field.


If video marketing is going to grab viewers’ attention and keep their interest, it has to be engaging from the start. Video analytics tracking enables you to know who viewed your videos,  how long they watched and where they clicked.  That information lets you target your video marketing efforts better. If you haven’t already begun implementing a video marketing strategy, now’s the time to start. Remember those engagement and lead-conversion figures –  and remember how easy it is to get professionally produced videos made.  That should be enough to get anybody animated!  Are you considering adding video to your marketing mix?  The reasons to jump on top of video marketing far exceed any of the perceived negatives.



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