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Karam Media buying offers centralised and transparent International media planning and buying for companies wanting to build their brands on a global scale. Media consumption and media publishers are growing more internationally, and so are we. Our success lies in our ability to organise and manage global media campaigns from our central office in London. All our services are offered at an hourly fee and we are not in any way paid by any supplier. We pass all the discounts to you. 


for truly effective communication. Consumer and industry insights strategic thinking karma Media has the expertise to cover all your creative marketing needs. Our point of difference? Deeply ensures we leave no stone unturned.  Integration alone is not enough; it’s knowing how and when and why to integrate each service which maximises results. Whatever your scale, from individual commissions to global campaigns, the advantages of using us add up.


The entire team is passionate about providing our publishers with a great customer experience – from the moment you sign up, to account set up and ongoing optimisation, we’re on hand to make our partnership straightforward, stress-free and above all, profitable.


As a dynamic and fast-growing company, we’re always improving our platform and we take pride in taking onboard publisher feedback at every stage of our product development. So if you have feedback about any aspect of our product or service, please reach out to your Account Manager.






Whether it’s technical recommendations, analytical research, content writing and optimising or encouraging link votes through blogger relationships, we have the ability to cater to any industry. We put you first, you get the support, you need.


  • Media strategy

  • Media buying and optimisation

  • Media Traffic

  • Account team


We understand that every business is different, and requires a bespoke SEO strategy. By working closely together, our team will always have a clear understanding of your goals and expectations and can tailor our expertise to fit.


Our team of in-house writers are experienced at providing enticing, thought-provoking content aimed at improving audience engagement and creating link-worthy pages. By paying close attention to our in-depth keyword research, our content writers ensure every piece of copy is optimised for your best search terms.


The Introduction of real-time analysis means we can pass judgement on content moments after telling a story. It makes the old models of media moguls outdated and covered in cobwebs. 21st Century dynamics, embracing new technologies and levels of analysis. Which is the key to improving our service, the more data we get our hands on, the more we analyse, the more we analyse the more efficient we become which is how we save you even more money.




Press advertising, TV Ad productions and print management demand time, experience and industry knowledge, we have it all. Test us and will prove it. We have project managers that manage the whole process from inception to execution and deliver your needs. Best ethical practices and we are always switched on!


We deal with all types of print including litho, screen, digital and web-offset printing, across all physical media ranging from posters of all sizes through to brochures, loose inserts, POS and stationery. Our print management service is managed in-house and we use preferred suppliers, maintaining efficiency and assuring high-quality service throughout the whole process.


Consistently we carry out an annual survey and thorough evaluation process, which ensures we keep using industry specialists and create a seamless link between our clients and suppliers. 


Our TV Production department, 'KM Productions' manages all our design and production services. Our department is adequately equipped with the latest technology to cover all aspects of TV production.


Our audio-visual production, including TV and radio commercials, in-store programming, TV News production, and Live show Production are things we do daily and efficiently. We use studios in London, Birmingham and Manchester and have the facilities to create a live set in with our mobile equipment.






Our team of in-house writers are experienced at providing enticing, thought-provoking content aimed at improving audience engagement and creating link-worthy pages. By paying close attention to our in-depth keyword research, our content writers ensure every piece of copy is optimised for your best search terms. 


One of the things KM is trying to incorporate into the culture of the marketing and advertising industry is the idea of collaboration. One of the forms this comes in is working with a third party, like us, to provide outside expertise. And sometimes that means coming face to face with your competition. We currently have three different agencies signed up as partners.


Everyone is constantly learning from their competition – either in-formal talks or informal coffee chats. It is great to see agencies coming together in ways they wouldn’t have three years ago. We are advocates of serendipity – taking the chance that you will be able to find answers to your problems in unexpected places. Half the battle is knowing where to look, even if you don’t know what to look for.i


A comprehensive solution.  We have a unique insight into the ethnic markets In UK, USA and Europe. Having helped brands develop strategies to break into new markets and truly harness the power of their products and services.


We have our own research teams who continually improve our data and reports. Evolution and where needed Revolution, we are constantly investing in our resources and services, including new techniques and equipment to provide you

M Iqbal
Olga Lungu.png


Social Media Specialist

Olga Lungu
Mehreen Rahman

Visual Specialist

Production Specialist

From the Social media generation.


A graduate in marketing and Gen Z marketing specialist. Innovative creative and fun to work with, when she's not busy taking pictures!

A real specialist in the field of TV production.


Works hard and is determined to deliver the project you want.

Iqbal has a real pedigree, having worked for TV channels and produced some hit shows that air on the Sky TV & Digital platforms. 

Mehreen started with thecopnay in 2010 and has become an integral meember of the team.


She often takes the creative lead in many of our projects but is also expectional at working within a team.


Founder & CEO

Muhammad Tahir

A graduate in Economics & Finance from way back in the day, at the dawn of the digital revolution.


He has worked on many brands. Managed a TV channel, A newspaper & published a lifestyle magazine.


In 2008 honoured to be recognised as the 48th most influential Muslim in the UK.

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Tel: +44 (0) 203-637 2503

Fax: +44 (0) 203-637 2509

153 -157 Bow Road


E3 2SE


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For information on local transport please see the Transport for London website or call 020 7222 1234.


For details of the nearest NCP car park please or call 0870 242 7144.


We recognise the importance of accessibility for everyone. Please let us know when you contact us if you have any accessibility needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.



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