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Karam Media Publisher Solutions

Karam Media helps publishers maximise their revenue through user-friendly ad formats, Curated Direct Demand, global relationships with premium demand partners and our exclusive Premium Market Place.



We don't fit your website into a generic platform, we create a custom solution that is optimised for you and your users.









Are all Skyscrapers made to look the same?


Choose your Ad formats




Custom sectors      Different stories      Individual Targeting





Dynamic Ad Experiences

We deliver interactive, personalized, innovative creatives for 96% of Ad Age’s Top 100 Advertisers.






Use our SSP & Ad Server Technology

Publisher partners also access Karam Media's state of the art technology including Premium Market Place, our creative services & plug in your own demand.






In-Depth reporting

Reporting on all campaigns & website performance running on all publishers’ websites. Deep analytics to campaign & viewability reports, engagement insights and improvement analysis.



One place to connect all your demand sources



 Grow Revenues with Karam Media









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