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Video Marketing


Here comes the good stuff, Hollywood baby! Lights, camera and Action! Well not quite, but we will do our best to make it as fun as possible.


Video marketing has the potential to work like a steroid for SEO – A video that is optimised effectively will help you reach your target audience and climb the search engine rankings. Boost click through and conversion rates – Viewers are anywhere 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. But better still, we could market your Video to the audiences of ITV, channel 4, Sky sports, Sky Movies and the BBC (even though they don't play adverts on TV. Yet we can still target the clients at a fraction of the cost. how cool is that!


Showcase your business – get the message out to your customers and raise your company profile. Drive traffic to your website – decrease bounce rate, engage visitors and increase your sales.


What We Do – How We Can Help You


We help you plan your video production and develop the message that you need. You need a purpose, in the seconds you have to deliver 1 or 2 messages effectively, not drown it out with as much information as you can throw on to the screen. That will confuse the clients and they won't remember anything. 


A Video Marketing Strategy can run online with your Marketing strategy: planning the video, the message, and integrating this into your planned campaigns is the key to conversions.


Video Marketing Strategy


We research your target markets and develop a strategy for using video to achieve your company’s marketing goals. This strategy is bespoke and can encompass all areas of Video Marketing.

  • Video SEO

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Video Distribution

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Video Landing Page

  • Video Pay-Per-Click


We like to keep things transparent and simple.

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Our specialist production team will work with you to deliver creative ideas and solutions to drive genuine business growth. A consultancy service by suggesting alternatives and improved efficient ways to develop your concept. We will analyse your data and your consumer trends and engage your customers by appealing to them and getting them to remember your brand. Web design really is a science and as a leading digital and branding agency our expertise is lavish, and our know-how is enviable.


To talk to us to see how we can make your brand and business stand out from the crowd online, you can call us on 0203 637 2503 or fill in the form below. We'll be happy to hear from you

Video production for online, products, promotional, corporate, internal comms and advertising.


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Video Production


Creative Talent

We are a highly experienced production company based in London & with an office in the North West. We have produced over 500 videos over the past 5 years for many of the world’s top brands. We have also produced hundreds of TV shows and docmumentaries and we are firmly established as one of the leading video marketing companies in the UK.

We have a wealth of production industry talent in-house and on call. Producing hundreds of videos for every conceivable industry.

So whether an studio setting or a multi-camera location shoot with scores of cast and crew.

We love video production and we are good at it, challange us to make a video work for you.

With an in-house creative team at our London office, comprising art directors, copywriters, directors, producers, designers and animators, we are well-versed in the entire creative development process. From creating fresh concepts from scratch, to working to a fully formed creative idea, we can take on any brief and bring it to life.




Utilising the wide range of directors on our roster, spanning fashion specialists to animation and visual effects talent, we are able to match the most appropriate director to each video.

This will include the development of a detailed treatment and script, as well as storyboards and animatics.

For every video project we have the very best crew at our fingertips. As well as our in-house team, our little black book extends to the freshest creative and technical talent working in video production in the UK today. Award-winning DOPs to decorated Art Directors,  we ensure that every project is serviced by a team that will deliver the very best results.

Filming with cutting-edge camera equipment means that we’re able to deliver the perfect look for any video. Whether it’s Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Phantom or Canon C300, we’ll select the ideal package for the project, along with an array of awesome extras to add the sparkle to your project. We take meticulous care over every detail to ensure that results exceed expectations.

Post Production



With filming complete, it’s back to our headquarters in London, where our in-house post-production team add their talents to the creative mix.

Working with the director/ Producer, they’ll shape, craft and polish the rushes into an end product featuring the content and quality of a truly stand out piece of film.

If your finished film is destined for television, we are able to handle the process of clearing your advertisement for the channel you are advertising on, this is an optional extra.

With extensive experience in dealing with Clearcast, we can lead the copy clearance process for you. This is a crucial part of completing the project.

We help you identify targeted personas, tone, and overall message for social engagements. We manage your campaign so your free to run your business.

Karam Media provide customised Apple iOS, Youtube, Google Android, Windows, HTML5 and Web development services. KM can tackle any project, big or small.

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