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What we do

Social media management is simple, we take what you would do at a networking event and digitise it.

No rocket science - No Vudoo followers - Just excellent communication

Social Media Management


How we work

Business Plan


We start with discovery, where we can understand what you share and who your target audience is.

Once we understand what you want to do with your business, and how you want to talk to your customers.


We will create the content to your style and Yay we're on to step 2 - Targeting


We have our objectives, so now we can focus on a strategy to target our audience. This includes reels videos, posts, and tweets. 

Every customer needs some very specific attention. We create a silhouette of what your customers look like and target them, just like we would when we advertise.

We are ambitious but let's not try to land Rihanna in the first tweet.  

Image by Jason Goodman
Working Cafe


Once we know who your customers are we target them when they will be online.

We have access to special data analytics software that gives us this information. 

When your customers are online we can schedule the posts and dazzle them with our creativity.


This is the most important part of social media marketing; talking to your clients, some call it nurturing but we're simpletons we call it talking.

To be consistent, we will spend a set amount of time on your platforms talking to your clients and engaging new ones. 

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What Our Clients Say

"The best service I have ever recieved, They really listened to everything that i wanted." 

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