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Make TikTok viral videos

Viral Videos for TikTok


Viral video production for TikTok

All good campaigns start with exceptional production.

Engage with your followers on TikTok and create a video viral campaign so your audience grows and you can convert.

If you talk to your clients - They will listen!

Packages starting from £1500
You sign up! And we will call YOU!

Take your TikTok to the next level

Making videos is a skill - combining a trend with your message without being too pushy takes a lot of pre-production. However, creating a campaign that delivers the message over a couple of months is genius.

  • Strategy and planning

  • Using Influencers

  • Professional production

  • Making it viral

  • Exposure Promote & share

  • Multiple formats for Instagram & TikTok & FB Reels.

Don’t just jump on the trends, be a part of making them with a TikTok video presence. Create scroll-stopping TikTok videos and promos in a snap with the Karam media video production.

We work on making you them of adverts and content you can use for a campaign, not just one video.

Natalie, Marketing manager

I didn't realise how powerful a Tiktok campaign would be. You can look at my profile on Tiktok and look at views on the campaign

Julia, HDR

I was sceptical at first but our first campaign got 350k views. That was an immense return in investment

Graham, PSLT

The sheer feedback from our clients was brilliant, We used it as a campaign to engage with new users and this was perfect.

Make it Special 









Working Strategy

Plan & strategy

Create a concept

Deliver & execute 

We consult with you and develop a plan. Defining your key brand points and your USPs. Adapting the style to social media, (we don't want corporate talk on TikTok) 

Having developed the foundations of the project, we create a few concepts for you to consider. Annotate and describe them to you so you can visualise the sample. 

We film and record the videos, or create an animated concept. Then we steamroll it through post-production and deliver 1080p HD perfectly sized videos.

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