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Any comprehensive media and advertising agency uses resources and experience to deliver a brief. It is possible to incorporate the whole process with one firm, and we offer a full agency service. Why use one agency to plan, another to design and a 3rd to execute, when you can get one to all 3? No communication problems, not wasting your time and one contact to manage them all.


We produce our best work for clients with a clear strategy; our experience tells us, that's not always viable from the start of a project, so we are agile and dynamic who think on our feet and communicate well, creating exciting briefs to answer. Being able to plan and produce ensures our account managers take care of all your needs.


Account managers are supported by design and marketing specialists from start to end to ensure you have the best expertise and are fully resourced. As a full-service and comprehensive agency, we aim to take you to the next level, providing risk assessment and structured reporting along the way.


From Brief to Research

Once the brief has been received from the client, research will take place. This will include looking at some of the following - the advertisers’ service or product will be compared with the competition, their ranking in the marketplace will be looked at, as well consumers’ perceptions of their brand in comparison to their competitors. You have a vision for your brand; we plan it with you, and then we’ll make it grow and shape it for a unique online presence.

From Research to Plan

Using the research, the media agency will identify who the target audience is and the media that should be used to reach that target audience in the most cost-effective way. After quantitative and qualitative analysis, we’ll come up with a plan for user-friendly features, ideas and gimmicks for smooth navigation and a scheme that will help us give the project the right design.
Then, we will, together, make recommendations on which markets are to be reached, distribution changes, pricing and which media channels will be used to deliver the message.


From Plan to Design & Production 

Whilst the wireframe/ sketches show the cold perfection of functionality, the visual design phase is all about style: the branding elements, colour palettes, and typography that will make your advert look unique. Together, we will take all the important decisions, from front line of dominance to interface details. Static visual mockups will be created to make things look clearer.


From Production to Test Phase

In order to replicate the same user experience and vibe everywhere, we will make sure all projects will render in all the most important TV, web browsers and devices, from Apple products to Blackberry and Android systems, We will make it Bomb-Proof. We also have the facilities to soft launch and test it as well.


From Testing to Execution

The agency’s creative people will have the job of converting the advertising communication into words and pictures. The copywriter will, as the name suggests, write the copy, whilst the art director will visually implement the copywriter’s message. Whilst the Advertising agency will be involved at every stage of the production of the commercials.  The traffic department within the advertising agency will ensure that the commercials are ready on time and that the client and legal approvals have been granted.


From Execution to Analyzing Campaign Effectiveness

Once the advertisement or commercial has run, the media agency will verify this and check its performance.

Our team is up to date with all of the latest technologies, tools, trends and policies to ensure best practices and best performances at all times.

We continually try and test new ideas and techniques to keep you ahead of the game and constantly keep an eye on your competitors so that we can be sure that we do a far better job.

Karam Media Agency with a difference

Karam Media - Web Design
Web Design


Creative design to make you stand out from the crowd online. A website without great design can make the difference between a customer staying or leaving. A website without focus can make the difference between a customer buying or browsing.



Mobile & Apps


Responsive web design, mobile websites, and mobile applications. We think mobile first. Because that’s the world today and it’s what your customer is expecting.  The latest figures show that more users are using their mobiles as their primary device. So make sure you get it right.





The backend or the system core each one has unique properties and certain strengths, we can match any up with your site.

Sitecore, Magento, Drupal - a CMS is the nuts and bolts to let you take control of your website and make it live and breathe and work for you.

UX & UI Design


User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI). Creating beautiful websites, mobile apps, and systems that are right for your customers and your objectives. It's a big thing, trust us, muy importante!

Digital Marketing


The holy grail of online marketing. We have the latest results driven strategies to promote your business.

SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email. All the good things to pull, push, engage, communicate, and drive results for your business. 



Who you are. What you stand for. What you want customers to think. Your brand is your story. We can help you tell your story to your customers. All the other features play second fiddle to branding in the long run.

A Comprehensive Agency Service
Production Services


Responsive web design, mobile websites, and mobile applications. We think mobile first. Because that’s the world today and it’s what your customer is expecting.  The latest figures show that more users are using their mobiles as their primary device. So make sure you get it right.



Email Marketing


Responsive email design, mobile compatible, & landing pages. User metrics and so much more. We are methodical in our delivery. So if you are looking to start an email marketing campaign then you are in good hands! Ouremail marketing experts have all the tools you need including leads!





The agency with a central resource for the understanding and application of communications and media strategy, research and data planning play big roles in our decision making. We will happily share the insights with you.

Creative Spirit


We will capture your passion for your project and transform it into your work. This will create a beatiful design and vivacous spirit to suit. The X factor

Video Marketing


 The latest figures show that more users are using their mobiles as their primary device. So make sure you get it right.



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