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Integrate Email & Social Media

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Integrate Email and Social Media


Integrating email and social media is becoming increasingly vital for marketing campaigns, and is also surprisingly achievable. That doesn’t just mean tweet a link to your email but devise a tweet that creates interest in your email. They should work hand in hand and embracing social media by taking the opportunity to get creative.

Don’t just add social share buttons to your email, after all it is unlikely recipients will want to share your entire email. Instead opt for adding social share links on individual articles and pieces of content, this way recipients can pick and choose what they share to their network.


Leading brands set wonderful examples within social media and a great example of how to utilise social share within emails. Encourage social sharing by instructing recipients to ‘share me’, as well as giving an explanation of the sharing process for those who are less social-savvy. Recipients like to receive straightforward call to actions, so make social sharing as easy as possible.


Also a great example of how email can increase social engagement by getting recipients hooked into your social media channels immediately and sharing some responses in your email campaigns, A kind of ‘shout out’ if you will.

When recipients sign up to your newsletter they are in a state of high brand engagement. Take advantage of this by sending out an instant welcome email, suggesting that they check your brand out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. Recipients are far more likely follow this call to action when your brand is fresh in their minds.


Social media can also be utilised to capture data on your prospects - speak to your ESP about creating a sign up form on Facebook that posts data straight into your newsletter list that can trigger the welcome email.

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