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Primary location - England, UK


Sahar Khalil

Influencer - Actor - Singer

Social Media Accounts

Total verified followers - 6 million





Primary location - England, UK

About Sahar Khalil

Everybody has a story, and Sahar's is no different. She started her career as an actress for a popular TV show in the middle east. It created a springboard for her followers to communicate with her and show her their love. Which prompted her to become more engaging on social media.

The Biggest YouTube star in the Middle East

She has a real knack for social media and has optimised her accounts for each platform and was recognised by YouTube as the Biggest influencer in Lebanon.

She is currently living in London and working towards offering more opportunities to women by supporting various charitable causes and gender equality. 

Accounts & Links


Sahar Khalil on TikTok - Video 1 

On Tiktok Sahar engages her fans with fun and engaging messages. Working and posts daily to keep up with the high demand from her audience.

Sahar Khalil on YouTube- Video 1

On YouTube, Sahar focuses more on her lifestyle and shares her experiences and her journey.

Sahar Khalil Instagram - Video 1

On Instagram, Sahar creates reels and post on Instagram to entertain her fans mixed with reels of value and offers. 

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