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The best SEO strategy for 2023 - Don't turn your blog into an AI tool

In 2023 the world has seen a revolution in AI technology. And in some ways, this has made it more confusing to do SEO. So in a world full of innovation and white moke how do you choose the best SEO strategy for 2023?

Nowadays, you have AI tools for everything, writing, scheduling, social media posting, and even image creation.

Now although some of the products look good and work well the most important function of SEO is to be unique and user-generated content.

That's what search engines are looking for, so don't fall into the mistake of thinking AI will do everything for you. Despite all the advice you're hearing on TikTok - most of which is untrue and paid affiliate schemes, AI will not do all the work for you, when it comes to SEO.

No writer or journalist worth their salt will allow AI to create content for them, because every good writer knows, those small nuances or manner in which he/she describes something, and the creativity in their writing are what makes them unique.

The best SEO strategy for 2023. AI v SEO - expert help from the kings of SEO
SEO experts at Karam Media answer the question of SEO in 2023

The best SEO strategy for 2023

Most people see SEO as a very complex and difficult thing. Yes, it is complex but not difficult. It just takes time, hard work, and consistency.

If you consistently follow these five simple steps, you'll be able to grow a healthy and profitable website in a matter of time:

1. Provide superb usability:

- Make the website perform fast - Use Google page speed

- Optimize it for mobile devices

- Create an easy-to-follow website structure

- Use UX/UI designers to improve your content flow and user experience

- Follow the 3-click rule, everyone should be able to get to where they want in 3 clicks.

2. Map keywords to your business:

This means listing the keywords associated with your business ( not by KW research) by business services. So for example, for Jimmy Chicken shop - KW is - chicken, grilled chicken fried chicken, Takeaway, fast food, cheap food, local food, local business, Stratford, etc etc

- Discover the pain points of your audience

- Find relevant keywords based on your business keywords - This is where you take the keywords above and do your keyword research.

- Narrow down by traffic potential

- And narrow it down even further by business value

3. Create epic content:

- Create an SEO brief for your writer

- Make sure you match the search intent

- Focus on answering the intent

- Create images using Canva and other tools to make your blog explain your points.

- Don't copy competitors' content

- Bring added value to the content, poor writers imitate, but great writers innovate.

4. Build powerful backlinks:

- Contribute guest posts to the blogs in your niche

- Create linkable assets

- Don't mass outreach, instead build relationships

- Avoid reciprocal link exchanges

- Don't forget about internal linking

5. Build topical authority:

- Focus only on the keywords related to your niche

- Create topic clusters and group relevant content together

- Create in-depth content that aligns with your topic

- Don't build random links, instead focus on topically-relevant links

- This also relates to your brand development, so make sure it's on point.

That's it. The process of growing a website is complex but straightforward. You just need to be consistent and authentic with your efforts.

How to use AI for SEO in 2023
Has AI made doing SEO harder or easier?

How to use AI in 2023 for SEO

The reason why we used the title 'How to use AI in 2023 for SEO' is because AI technology is still in its infancy. It still has to evolve and once it does, this advice will change. But for now, this is the most important source of information you can get.

AI is there to help and aid, but not to replace. The simple analysis to understand this is, AI writes in patterns, and as search engines see everything as a 1 and 0 ... you can bet your bottom dollar that they can easily spot the content and they will penalise you for it.

The way to use your AI resources effectively is to use them like you would use a junior assistant. Or a PA who creates a first draft, based on your outline, and then you go through it re-write it and edit the post and make it spectacular.

A point where AI is good and strong is to generate content based on your original content to promote on social media, so that could save you some time, but remember you have to ensure you adapt it to your audience, that's something AI cannot do for you yet.

In conclusion, some may say it doesn't have this or doesn't have that, but the real truth behind some of these blogs, is they have adapted their SEO advice to push or drive traffic towards selling or promoting a service or a product. But if you follow this simple formula, you will always get good results.

There's a reason Google will not make radical changes to its SEO, because if the SEO agencies became extinct, the search engine would lose its visibility.

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