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  • James Khan

Video Marketing - 5 Tips to help boost your results

It is sad to see decent videos which with the right optimisation would do very well on youtube, but instead, for one reason or another, are gathering digital dust in the world wide web.

1- Complete the entire task

Your YouTube presence is an extension of your brand. Gone are the days when social media was just a formality, it is rife with creativity and new and exciting ways of creating more leads. But for too many companies Youtube is a weak link in their social media and online presence - poorly branded and optimised and, as a result, a failed opportunity to generate revenue from the content that has been commissioned.

2 - Use Youtube to its full potential

As well as hosting videos, YouTube provides an unparalleled opportunity to generate positive Google & Bing search impact for your business. YouTube is packed with videos that nobody is watching or finding because the basic work to become visible is not being done.

3 - Don't cut corners

The difference between failure and success in terms of YouTube viewing figures for your videos is not a pile of constant work. It is about simple steps, learned from an expert, and implemented properly.

4 - Asses the best options for you based on your project

Because of the way YouTube interprets the content of your video, you’ll get a lower ranking if your video is a slideshow set to a pop song, rather than someone speaking useful information.

5 - 48 hour buzz

The first 48 hours of your video’s existence on YouTube is important in its likelihood of getting good traction on an ongoing basis. In this early period, promote it like crazy.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your hard work. As you know being a small business I had concerns about utilising a marketing company and had always tried to deal with our marketing myself, I now realise that this was a mistake as your wealth of knowledge, support and advice is what I needed. You approached the project with fresh ideas and contemporary designs for which I’m very grateful and made the process thoroughly enjoyable” – Kevin James

“We really love working b:web as they make it so easy, they understood exactly what we wanted and we LOVE it. Karam Media created a HTML email marketing campaign which has been extremely successful” – Scott, TLB

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