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Programmatic is complex and evolving

As programmatic buying has evolved into an incredibly complex and competitive ecosystem, the need for data and analytics to measure, compare and take data-driven actions has become more critical than ever for publishers.

To stay ahead of the game publishers now need to take control and use real-time analytics to create floor rates and manage where the demand is coming from to generate programmatic ad revenue uplift.

To achieve positive impacts on visibility, timeout rates, bid rates, and missing demand plan your inward ad spots and target to benchmarks, as well as troubleshoot to uplift and grow programmatic revenue.

Cheap ad unit on your pages

The easiest way to understand this phenomenon is if an ad exchange or advertiser can place their advert on another cheaper ad unit on your page then why would they pay for leaderboard rates? (assuming it is ATF).

Similarly, if you have multiple video players, they will be allowing for ad revenue to come in at different rates, hurting your inventory and demand.

Tips to improve programmatic revenue

Tip 1

Block advertisers in certain ad units to force advertisers to bid for your premium demand.

Tip 2

Create floor rates for each ad unit - reducing them as you go down the pyramid.

Tip 3

Use ad servers ( beyond google ) to determine which advertisers are spending money with you via 3rd parties.

As a note of caution, do not try to do this unless you know how to execute it. Otherwise, you could block natural demand coming into your website.

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