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How to make your social media accounts grow

Social media accounts are the windows to your business. They are as important as the shop window. So if you want your business to look good, then make sure your accounts look good.

Some things people do is use to make the posts into offers, without nurturing the audience. Social media apps use algorithms, these are there to do the manual heavy lifting. The simple scenario is make content your audience will like and the social media platforms will share it.

Nurturing the audience means that you share why they should work with you. And what you are doing here is, you are succinctly showing the users what you do, using examples of your work, and actual products or services.

This may seem obvious, however, you have to remember there are millions of other accounts doing the same so you have to develop a strategy to ensure you stand out.

So how do you grow your social media accounts?

First, define your audience, this is the biggest mistake people make, they chase after vanity followers and are often left with followers who will not use their service and thus rarely engage.

For example, if you have a fitness studio in Chiswick, it is unlikely that some one from Brazil will use your service, unless its an online class. So focus on your audience; The audience is defined by your Geo-graphic location, the demographic audience you want, so a 30 year old female and what are there usual interests.

Once you have the audience defined, then you can create posts based on the information you have.

You must also apply the same strategy to your content. If you posts videos of cats then unless your a pet store, your audience will not engage with your posts if they are about 'toning your body fat'. because you haven't nurtured your content and audience for that purpose

A detailed guide to posting on Social media like a professional

This is a very simple guideline to use, however a more extensive and professional working methodology is listed below in some simple steps:

  1. Create and define your audience, be ruthless and don't focus on vanity followers, they will come naturally.

  2. Define their interests - This will allow you to target them

  3. Design your brand template - What your reels and posts should look like, so you can maintain the consistency you need.

  4. Create a mood board, so your colours and brands stay on point.

  5. Create a content strategy for social media - What kind of posts you'll share and how often.

  6. Define your USP's - What you are good at and how you can make a difference to your customers lives.

  7. Find the optimum time to post - This is usually, when your audience will be online.

  8. Create a hashtag strategy that will target your audience and their interests.

  9. Engage with your audience and your reply to all your messages.

  10. Encourage customers to posts when they are with you, and use them as testimonials and share it on your profile. If you champion them, they will champion you. Its what we call deference.

  11. Repeat this process consistently and post at those regular times, so the social media platforms, know when to share your posts.

Hope that helps, but you can always reach out to us and get more tips. You can reach us on social media anytime.


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